Lesley Verhoef – Interior Design Services

No project is ever the same, yet the process is consistent. Lesley Verhoef evaluates each job according to its surroundings; the architecture; the homes’ lifestyle habits or projected needs, and then merges these aspects with the clients’ personality. Lesley Verhoef strives to find and fit unique or interesting objects that her clients can love and identify with, in order to add meaningful value.

The essence of a successful design relationship is asking the right questions, then hearing and understanding the clients’ needs.

To start the process you can gather visual references. Lesley Verhoef will determine your design style, budget and wish list to achieve an individualized design result that suits your situation.

Projects are costed out against an hourly rate, or to a given budget.

Lesley Verhoef offers a variety of stand-alone services as well as full project management. (Scroll down)



Decor Sourcing

Colour & Lighting : Specialist

Kitchen Design : Specialist

Having established, developed, or simply guided a specific design style and vision, Lesley Verhoef will source the elements (locally or internationally) that are needed to form the right look, including:

– Paint colours’, wallpaper, decals or other wall art options;
– Fixtures and fittings i.e. light pendants, rugs & cushions;
– Fabrics and textiles;
– Updating existing furniture pieces by adapting or re-cycling, including new paint work or re-upholstery;
– Sourcing or making new accessories and furniture pieces;
– Commission pieces of art and/or crafts.


Joinery and Cabinet Design

A rooms’ light access, including window dimensions and function openings and windows, can be tailored to your needs. The cupboards, furniture, style, and the fabric can also be chosen according to the room, your colour preferences, and personality. Lesley Verhoef will supply the joiner with a working drawing and oversee the work to the final result, whether this is an entire home, a kitchen or simply bedroom cupboards. Often bespoke furniture design does not cost significantly more than off-the-shelf furniture, whether it is a door frame, door, special window, couch, a dining room chair, a cabinet or a table. A custom designed item usually adds a layer of functionality and style that suits the space.

Lesley Verhoef takes delight in mixing antique pieces with new or modern items of furniture. She does not readily suggest excluding much loved existing pieces of furniture.


Design Layouts & 3D Modeling

Unlike many established designers, Lesley Verhoef offers a free initial consultation, project planning and project budgeting, and is able to redesign a single room or an entire house from inception.

The latest design re-model software enables Lesley Verhoef to redesign your house from plan, update a room, or a garden and to assist a client to envisage a space with some of their existing furniture included into the concept.

3D modeling has several benefits, it helps to maximize the use of space, enables the builder or contractors to see exactly what you are trying to achieve which in turn saves on construction time and potential communication errors between builder and designer. It also serves as a visual specification tool for the project.


Southseas – BEFORE
Southseas – AFTER

Project Managing / Home Renovation

Before suggesting changes to optimize a room, the walls, floor and ceiling need to be considered first. Lesley Verhoef’s experience, along with careful planning and thoughtful design can make all the difference in managing extensions; creating indoor-outdoor living areas; remodeling bathrooms or kitchens; creating open plan spaces by removing cavity walls and disguising ugly wiring and pipes or removing unsightly features.

Lesley Verhoef has a hand chosen collection of tried and tested trades people, so you will not need to face the stress or inconvenience of being on site or second guessing trades that you have no experience in.


Decor Treatment

Appealing decor does sell a property, so staging a show house can get the homeowner a better sale price, or a higher rental. People have always aspired to and want to live in beautiful spaces.

Lesley Verhoef can take staging to any level from painting the walls; re-arranging the room and de-cluttering the furniture; creating a specific style and/or hiring-out or lending you attractive accessories include, great artwork or the necessary pieces of furniture, adding indoor plants and flowers to achieve the desired effect.


Garden Detail

If your garden is new or needs revitalization; or whether you want a design solution for your pool area; a new garden feature; an additional wall; a pond or other water feature; or an inventive or innovative way to pave your patio; or deal with focal outdoor spaces; Lesley Verhoef has vast experience.

Lesley Verhoef will combine experience, with knowledge or practical information about what materials and designs would work in harmony with your garden and help to explore with her client the possibilities at hand. Lesley Verhoef strives for ideas to be attainable and durable. Lesley’s supervision ensures that every detail is attended to appropriately.